Monday 4 September 2023

Older not wiser

 It's been quite a while. Ten years ago was when my second son was born and while we've been on a few trips, I kind of lost the urge to write about it. 

Though Those trips were far from ultralight, they relied heavily on my ultralight gear. I'd carry for my younger son as well as some of the gear for my older if it didn't fit in his bag. Everything would go in a golite pinnacle and we'd sleep in the hogback. Invariably the trips would require compromise for distance and location. The hogback didn't do well in exposed windy situations. The whole ultralight buzz also seemed to have died off a bit in the community as people started to add weight back in and the gear became more mainstream. I didn't really feel fired up in the same way moved on to running and left off the blog.

Things have changed though. My eldest has done his DofE and got really into camping and we did a lot of good stuff around reducing his base weight for his trips. He actually used a Six moons lunar solo on those trips. Martyn who used to be my hiking partner moved to Brazil a good few years back. He's left all his gear and it's been in my loft for ages. He's said my eldest can use it now, so he's inherited the best part of a grand's worth of gear. It's been fun looking through and getting together a dialled in kit list.

Finally, my youngest is now old enough to really get some distance under his belt. It all culminated in a recent trip to the Lakes-our first proper ultralight trip. My eldest was keen to film it and I said I'd put together a trip report


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