Monday, 23 November 2009


This post is a response to podcast Bob who made some reasonable comments on my visual gearlist:
So no spare dry clothes, gloves, weather hat, camera, entertainment, book, poles and wicking insulation layer? Fine for average summer conditions and I agree with the content, however I would be interested in your choice of additional items to cover the cooler and wetter months to stay safe if you had to bed down at any time?
I thought it might be useful to add these extra comments. The list is what I carry in my pack- the basics- I'm planning to do another video with my other gear that I carry, but briefly- I carry GG lightrek 4 poles, I've got a widebrimmed hat which is weather resistant and I usually take a camera too. I don't take gloves for the summer, I found that my clothes dry quickly enough that I don't need spare clothes (I took some longjohns on my Rhinogs trip and didn't use them and that trip was plenty wet enough!)and I am fine using my windshirt and vest so that I don't need a wicking insulation layer. As the weather gets colder, I usually wear a microfleece which I don't take off and take some liner gloves and I may swap my vest for a Patagonia down sweater. For longer trips, I will take a book, but really, I don't need it, especially if I'm walking with someone else- I'd finished my book by 7pm on my second day in the Rhinogs and didn't miss it. I will adapt my kit depending on the weather reports but after using this basic kitlist for a year now, I'm pretty happy with it.


Martin Rye said...

Couple things and more.
On a multi day route you would miss those spare clothes. Wet days on end would push the safety boundary in my view. You would be safer with spare warm clothing to get into in an emergency. Wet clothing wicks body heat away five times faster.

I often take a book and find I don’t read it. You have a point there in leaving it behind. Then winter nights in the hills are long and dawn does not come early.

I like Caldera stoves but they can flare up and set fire to the ground. If your shelter burnt down what would be plan to keep the elements of you without a waterproof? Good luck to you but would it work on a five day no resupply wet Scottish route in May?

Also does that pack keep all the kit dry without stuff sacks?. I would hate to have a wet sleeping bag.

baz carter said...

I've done week long trips and the only spares I've taken are a pair of socks and a pair of dry flo type pants; I've never missed them only the additional weight.