Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Back from the hills

The trip went well, the weather changed after the first night and stayed good, kit was spot on, Rhinogs behaved as expected. Here's a photo to wet your whistle...

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Bag packed

I've gone with the Gatewood cape and the Enlightened quilt. Pack with food but not water is around the 3.5kg mark. The weather looks pretty reasonable and hopefully we should miss the worst of the precipitation which is Friday evening so no extra waterproofs. My bag's propped up against my new gear closet- more on that later.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Off to the Rhinogs

At the weekend I'm making a return to the Rhinogs with Martyn. It's the first trip I've been on for  quite a while, so there's plenty of kit decisions to make. The weather looks to be changeable and I do'nt feel quite as brave as I have done in the past when I was a little more gung ho. I think probably the poncho tarp is out, but I do want to use the Gatewood cape. If it's really windy i should really take the trailstar. The real question is whether to take waterproofs too- I have gone with the Gatewoodonly for at a similar time of year. Then there's the quilt question. I have the bpl 750 quilt but it weighs twice as much as my enlightened quilt. I can supplement the warmth of the enlightened quilt with extra down clothing, but maybe I should go with a synthetic in case it's really damp. I'm definitely taking my honey stove. I've had a good go with it on the family holiday as a beach cooker and it's good fun. I am taking a bag of twigs though as I'mnot sure of the dryness of any wood I find, which cancels out a lot of the fuel weight savings. Plus I'm taking a meths stove as a backup. Whatever happens I'll shoot some video and make a post when I get back.