Monday, 1 October 2012

Off to the Rhinogs

At the weekend I'm making a return to the Rhinogs with Martyn. It's the first trip I've been on for  quite a while, so there's plenty of kit decisions to make. The weather looks to be changeable and I do'nt feel quite as brave as I have done in the past when I was a little more gung ho. I think probably the poncho tarp is out, but I do want to use the Gatewood cape. If it's really windy i should really take the trailstar. The real question is whether to take waterproofs too- I have gone with the Gatewoodonly for at a similar time of year. Then there's the quilt question. I have the bpl 750 quilt but it weighs twice as much as my enlightened quilt. I can supplement the warmth of the enlightened quilt with extra down clothing, but maybe I should go with a synthetic in case it's really damp. I'm definitely taking my honey stove. I've had a good go with it on the family holiday as a beach cooker and it's good fun. I am taking a bag of twigs though as I'mnot sure of the dryness of any wood I find, which cancels out a lot of the fuel weight savings. Plus I'm taking a meths stove as a backup. Whatever happens I'll shoot some video and make a post when I get back.


Nielsen Brown said...

I was wondering what pot you use with the Honey Stove

minimalgear said...

I've got a Tibetan 1100 from backpacking light that I haven't used yet. Over the summer I used a set I got from Aldis- two non-stick nesting pots about 1500 ml each i guess with a frying pan that also doubles as a lid. Two of them have got reasonably thick heavy bases so nothing I'd take hiking, but they worked very nicely- I could even fry garlic in them without burning it. My snowpeak mini solo is too small a diameter to use with the honey stove.