Monday, 8 February 2010

More Hogback stuff

There were a few bits and bobs on the Hog- clips and buckles and so on that I wasn't sure about-that seemed to have no real purpose. I emailed Tarptent and got a reply. It seems that the Hog is set up for the crossover poles that are available for the Scarp but they won't be making the crossover poles as they don't really support the material and thus have no purpose. There is aslo a grossgrain strap with a mitten hook on the end- you can see it in the photo right in the middle of the fly. This is for another central pole, slightly shorter than the crossover poles that would provide some support for the fly but they're not making these at the moment either. It does offer up the opportunity to run a guy from it over a trekking pole to give some support apparently. I also thought about running a super long guy from the centre of the arch and clipping the fly onto that. Finally, inside the are also some clips which seem to raise the groundsheet up at the head and foot end. I'll post photos when I get the tent up again.

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