Monday, 4 October 2010

The Trailstar lands

And I only had to pay £18 in import costs (sigh). I whipped it up in the garden on Saturday during a lucky break in the rain and seam sealed it. No photos, but my Serenity net tent fits in very nicely- the side tie outs to improve head room clip to the bivvy hooks in the Trailstar and at least two of the groundsheet tie outs will attach to existing pegs. I'll probably use the bivvy for winter, but for a summer shelter in an environment such as Scotland, it should be ideal. Also in the package were some new gaiters and some Aqua Mira tablets. I liked using the Aqua Mira drops but the tablets will be much easier and lighter.
I also got the chance to road test the new goretex socks and my New balance shoes. On a 'Barefoot walk'. I'd been wearing them for comfort testing purposes on a day out when I spotted the walk. The course had been reduced to ankle deep water and thick clay and thankfully, both the shoes and socks performed impeccably. The shoes and the Trailstar will both be accompanying me on the weekend. Currently the forecast is for gale force winds. Nice.


Steven Horner said...

Interested how you get on with the Serenity inside the Trailstar, I've also been looking at the bearpaw inner. Hoping to continue using my Trailstar through the winter not just the summer though.

minimalgear said...

I'm going to use my titanium goat bivvy for winter-i reckon it would be a little warmer. I've been very happy with the serenity in the gatewood and can't see it being any different in the trailstar.

minimalgear said...

had a look at the pyra net tent- it looks a little more structured than the serenity which is more like a traditional floppy mosquito net- there's a slight payoff in weight, but there seems to be very little in it.