Friday, 12 November 2010

New quilt

Just got an email from Tim Marshall to say my new quilt is finished! 332g, 1.5" of loft- should be good down to 4 degrees. I didn't go with cuben after thinking about the vapour barrier effect. Because cuben doesn't breathe, it's impossible to wear down clothing under the quilt to extend the range. A cuben bag will take you lower temperature wise and a cuben the same weight would probably take me to zero. I do like to take my down clothes for hanging out in camp and because I'd need to take a vapour barrier to wear under my down clothes I'd possibly end up carrying more weight. I've also expended a fair amount of cash on my down clothing and I want to use it! There is also the opportunity to layer it over my PHD minim ultra- something I couldn't do if it was cuben. It's 50g lighter than my minim ultra, should add 4 degrees, avoiding the cold spots that the sewn through nature of the minim results in. Anyhow, I'm very excited!

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