Monday, 29 November 2010

New toys

I wanted to write this up a long time ago. It's been 90% finished in the edit tray for weeks now, but illness and family commitments have all conspired against me. Still, it's here now- enjoy!

There have been three recent arrivals here. The quilt, I've alreadt mentioned but I've also had packages from Goosefeet and Zpacks containing waterproof sock covers and a new zero pack with some assorted stuffsacks respectively.
I'll deal with the quilt first as it's the biggie. I've already mentioned the specs- it arrived in a little square box with a stuff sack and I eagerly spread it out. The overall quality is amazing- it's hard to imagine ever being able to make something this good, but I guess Tim gets a lot of practice! I compared it to my PHD minim ultra and it was definitely in the same league sewing wise. The attention to detail is nice.

All the fittings are as tiny as posible-super thin shock cord for the strapping combined with tiny cord locks and super thin static cord at the head and foot. The exceptions are the snaps at the neck and top of the footbox and the zip for the footbox. These are more substantial. The snaps are particularly secure.

The design of the footbox allows you to loosen the drawcord or unzip it totally so in hot weather you can vent as to your requirements. More likely in Britain it will be useful when wrapping it round me like a shawl or opening it up to dry. Because I'm so small, despite the original intention to make it a half taper, it's turned out pretty much a rectangle, this actually turned out well because it gives a lot more coverage when I'm on my side. The zip isn't a tiny insubstantial zip but it's still pretty small and light. The way the snaps are positioned, the metal doesn't come into contact with your skin if you're a nekkid sleeper.

Coverage in general is very good- I could have probably have gone smaller width wise, but this allows me to layer under it. There is a bit of a knack to turning so that the edge doesn't ride up-you pivot on the bit of the mat that isn't covered by the quilt- I find it easier than turning, getting and then trying to jump my body in the air while twisting the hood around on a normal mummy bag however... The side sleeping picture doesn't show it but the edge of the quilt is still tucked under me on my back side.

You should be able to see on the spread out picture that there is very little taper in it- it's almost a rectangle. This was unitntentional on my part, but does give me more coverage. It' a reflection on my skinny frame that my torso measurement is similar to most people's footbox!

I'm really pleased with this- it's a nice step up from the minim ultra. I'm hoping to take a trip out with it next week and see how low I can take it combined with additional clothing and a vapour barrier. Nice!


Emrys Eustace, hygt Broom said...

Cool! What grade of down? What'd it run you?

minimalgear said...

It was $290 before postage. Postage was reasonable. However I got hammered by customs which made it very expensive. On the other hand, because I'm not a standard size, getting a bespoke quilt is worth it to me. On top of that, there is nothing commercially available at that weight. It's 800+ fp down.