Wednesday, 21 October 2009

MYOG: windscreen

I'm really not a fan of MYOG (make your own gear). Not because I don't think it has it's merits but because my attempts always turn out amateurish. I made a tiny tarp for the head end of a bivvy- it was floppy, saggy and badly sewn. I've made stuff sacks and they look poor. I've recently given my brother in law a pop can stove as part of my ongoing mission to lighten his pack. He doesn't get much time to fanny about with gear so when I had a spare moment I decided to make him a windscreen. Of course, I didn't actually photograph the process, I am so lame.... Any how: I got 2 baking trays for a pound from pounland, cut off the edges and rolled it all flat with a sigg. Next I cut it in half lengthways, got 2 of the short edges and folded them together to make one long strip. That got rolled as well. Then I made a thin strip, folded it a few time to give it strength and added it to one end, kind of like a belt loop so the diameter of the pot could be reduced. The other end of the windscreen was fed through the' belt strap' to make a circle and air holes were punched in it. Easier to do than describe and it actually looked pretty good!
Inside showing 'belt strap'

Set up around the pot

Everything inside the pot, inside the pot cosy I made too!


ukmase said...

I really need to make on of these. I took delvery of a bushbuddy ultra last week and wind is supposed to be a potential problem.

minimalgear said...

They're super easy, it took me about 20 mins, soup to nuts.