Monday, 12 October 2009

Ti goat ptarmigan first impressions

These Titanium Goat bivvies seem to be very popular- they're cheap (compared to similar bivvies from other manufacturers) light and well featured. I ordered mine with the bug window despite the extra weight as I don't fancy Ron Turnbull's method of only leaving a tiny hole to breath through and blow the midges away! It was sent promptly and then I had a wait of about three weeks for it to clear customs. All the time, the USPS tracker was telling me that they had been 'notified to expect my parcel' and I could get no further information on it. Now, while I have no real issues with paying VAT on my parcel, I do get a bit fed up with the post office charging me an equal amount so I can get my parcel from their office. Both the charges added another 20 quid to my costs-bah!

Firts impressions were of something very well made, simple and with that almost flimsy feel of very lightweight equipment. The bivvy itself is black, possibly the blackest thing I have ever seen in my life and it's big too.

I checked I could get my neo-air short into it by email to Ti Goat (very prompt reply) but I can also side sleep and even curl up in it. As you can see from this comparison with the Alpkit Hunka, it's a good 6 inches larger in diameter. It packs up to pretty much the same size too. Of course it's not waterproof, but I've had it with using only a bivvy bag and no tarp. The hood can be raised from the face and attached to a tarp, which I'm pleased about, because I tent to get quite claustrophobic in a traditional bivvy. When you zip the bug window closed, there is a substantial amount of space there. My only niggle is with the tab used to pull the hood off the face- it's sewn directly to the hood with no reinforcing material behind it. With material this thin, I get the feeling it's going to pull free fairly quickly. Bonus news is that the weight comes up at around 160g on my (admittedly poor quality) scales rather than the advertised 198g.


Hendrik M said...

Looks very good, I think I will go for this bivy as a first bivy - I can get it fairly cheap and it seems to suit my needs just fine.

Anonymous said...

How is the bag working out for you? I'm thinking about getting one as well for basically the same reasons as you.

Also, if you get the nethood, is it possible to close the fabric hood all the way?


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of getting the same bivy for basically the same reasons you described. Now that you've used it, what are your impressions?

Does the net window provide enough ventilation in hot/humid weather? I'm thinking about the net-hood just because of humid summers in Japan...


minimalgear said...

I've only used the bivy once because of the winter here so i'm still in the process of forming opinions. That said, i've always felt like i can't breath in other bivvies even with a ventilation hole. I had no problems in the ti goat. it's roomy and cuts the wind brilliantly. I've got the net window,not the full net hood- you can close the fabric hood completely and seal everything out or have the window zipped up. because of my preference for airflow, i prefer not to close the who;le thing up. My only use was in cold dry breezy weather-perfect conditions for breathability. In hot humid conditions, i would think that even the no-seeum mesh would cut down airflow, so i'd probably go for the full net hood- as far as i can tell, you can still cover it with a fabric hood- i'd email the guys at ti goat just to make sure